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Anyone can shoot a photo. But for Dustin Acdal, photography is personal. Whether capturing a secluded beach, a Mauna Kea sunrise, or organic patterns created by fine cracks in the road, this Big Island native describes his work as “my home through the lens of my camera.


”Acdal was born and raised on the island of Hawai’i. As a local and native Hawaiian, he uses his life experiences and infuses them in his work. “I see the world differently. I grew up in a small plantation town where you had a bike, a skateboard, that’s it. Other than that you’re playing in cane fields, hide and go seek in the forests. I miss seeing stuff like that. If it wasn’t for photography, I still wouldn’t have rediscovered what I use to see as a kid.


”Since January 1, 2013, Acdal has surprised himself and his followers by doing what most artists take a lifetime to achieve. This self-taught landscape photographer quickly gained popularity for his fine art images, The key to his success lies in the sense of connection he has to his photos. “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful. That’s what I think. That’s the craziness behind that. I love every single minute of it,” he says.


Acdal paints a picture through the lens of his life. Whether capturing photos from high Cliffts , while hiking or waiting for the perfect Mauna Kea moment, each photo is a snapshot of his experience. It connects him to the land, to nature, and the overall beauty that exist in the world. He’s continually challenged to translate that wonder and connection he feels when shooting a picture. He says, “When someone sees the image, I want him or her to feel the same way that I do. I just want them to get totally lost in my home.”

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